Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This past Saturday I said goodbye to Sofie, the sweetest kitty ever. With the most brilliant blue eyes, as you can see.


After a delay caused first by a dead camera battery, and then what seemed like a deadly stomach flu, I snapped some photos of my novelty yarn.

Here is my first attempt at thick and thin yarn plied with a thread core during class:

This is what I tried at home with a different fibre. It was much fluffier than what I used in class, so it because a much more delicate yarn. Those fluffy swirls wouldn't stand up to much, certainly not a curious cat who decided to do a little chewing. I won't name names.

Next I tried a firmer fibre and it worked out well. The thick and thin yarn was nice and solid.

Then I tried to get things under control a bit and make slightly less chunky thick and thin. I really like this one I named Carnival:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting funky

I had so much fun last night at my novelty spinning class! It's being held at Shall We Knit in New Hamburg, and taught by one of the uber-talented women of the Roving Spinners. We made some thick and thin yarn, then used that to make twirls and beehives. So cool! I really embraced the free spirit of novelty yarn and made super chunky thick and thin. Luckily I had my new wild flyer, and all the fibre slubs easily slid onto the bobbin. I will post a few photos soon. That is if I can get the yarn off the bobbin without being swallowed up in all the twist!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh yeah . . .

Taking photos for my blog is so much easier now with my fancy new digital SLR. I used to struggle forever with my old point-and-shoot digital camera. The focus just couldn't handle the teeny beaded items. It got so frustrating! But now it's a breeze getting good photos of my handmade items with my new camera. And I got the cutest camera bag to put it in. It looks like a nifty bag and a far cry from the usual boxy, utilitarian camera bags.

Twirly pendant

This pendant is a gift for my mom's birthday. (Well, sorta since she's a leap year baby and didn't technically have a birthday this year.) I picked up the lampwork bead at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto back in the fall. I came up with a sorta new design. Usually when I make earrings and pendants I have a flat swirl at the bottom. This time I twisted it around and stretched it out. I think it looks pretty cool. I grabbed the crystals this morning not remembering the colour of the focal bead, but they're a perfect fit! How often do thinks work out that wonderfully? (I also bought sapphire-coloured crystals - so beautiful and on sale! My two favourite things!)