Monday, June 23, 2008

In the bag

This is one of those notorious projects you get 99 per cent done, then tuck it away to be forgotten for months. The knitting was finished (and I have turquoise wooden needles to prove it) and all that remained was closing the bottom and the felting.

I finally pulled it out of the closet a couple weeks ago and took it to my on-call Crafting Expert (aka Mom) to help me stitch up the bottom.

Then I tossed it into the washing machine to felt. It came out beautifully. But I wasn't done yet. Part of the handle is pink, not because that's what I wanted but because I ran out of the turquoise wool. So I figured I'd tie the pink in with needle felting in the same colour. I think it turned out quite well.

Here's a close-up of the design wrapping around the side and onto the back.

The trick was deciding when to stop with the embellishment before it reached a Liberace level. I'd stick on a squiggle, then hold it back for the full picture before adding another. I think I stopped at the right point.

Sweet Sofie

An impromptu portrait of the most lovely kitty.
(And a very proper kitty with her paws crossed.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mmm . . . food

Welcome to Sunday brunch! I hosted a late morning meal at my place for a few co-workers. I wish I could take credit for all the yummy food, but I was only responsible for a few treats.

On the menu: quiche, yogurt parfaits, strawberries, mixed fruit, freshly squeezed grape fruit juice, tea biscuits (plain and cheese!), hashbrown casserole, squares and of course coffee.

Everyone ate so much we were all slumped, and nearly slumbering, in our seats.

Little blossoms

This teeny bouquet of teeny roses was a happy gardening accident. While I was toiling to dig up a dying euonymus bush in my front garden (it took forever and nearly killed me, but I did it all on my own!), I trampled on a poor little rose bush. So now it brightens up the inside of my home, and I'm hoping it will grow back in my garden. They're tough little guys, especially since I bought the mini rose bushes for a couple bucks at the grocery store.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pretty in pink

I made this bracelet again after it broke in a spectacular explosion of pink baubles. These are vintage beads I picked up in a bead shop in Berkeley, CA.

Just about anywhere I go, I find a bead shop. So far the biggest and best one I've found was in Martha's Vineyard. But my quest will continue with my travels.

Memories of Martha's Vineyard

This bracelet is made with vintage lucite beads I bought in Martha's Vineyard this spring. The design is very simple, but that's perfect for such lovely beads.

The bracelet is sitting on the wild pansies covering most of my backyard. They're a pretty diversion from the dead grass and weeds. Instead of toiling on fixing the mess, I took photos of my bracelet in the pansies. (Unfortunately the photo is not the best, but I only had brief chances to snap a few shots between downpours.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting started

I'm starting this blog quite simply to share stuff that I make. I figure it's a good incentive to get busy and give my creativity a push.