Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy birthday, birthday twin!

These pillowcases are made with Amy Butler's Love collection. The paisley pattern was a bit busy, so I used just a splash of that for the cuff and used the larger patterns for the main part. The set is a present for my birthday twin. She's one person I know for sure I won't forget her birthday!

Today I'm having my family over for a birthday brunch. Although does it count as brunch still if we won't be eating until after noon? I'm making a couple breakfasty casseroles and I whipped up a beautiful fruit salad we'll have with Greek yogurt with honey. It should make for a lovely meal. Now I better get to work getting the house ready!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New addition

I've been quite remiss lately in crafting and posting. But a new addition to my home is a bit of a distraction. Meet Alexi, a three-year-old Borzoi. Borzoi are sighthounds, so related to a greyhound only more hairy. Her fur is so soft and shiny like silk. With big black spots underneath her mostly white coat.

I haven't taken a lot of photos just yet. Although she seems quite adept at posing. She and the cats are slowly getting to know each other. The cats aren't so timid (they spent a few days on top of the furnace) and Alexi is learning they don't want to play (a few hisses and swats later). Hopefully soon we'll all settle in.

Turkish delight

My lovely friend Tara was so sweet to pick out a Turkish spindle for me while she was recently at the Sock Summit. I saw them while I was at a spinning retreat last fall, but hesitated on buying one more thing when I had already splurged on so much fibre.

These spindles are handmade by a man in the states who I think can barely keep up with the demand. You can really see the care that goes into them. The Turkish spindle is a neat design because you can pull all the pieces apart and you have a ball of yarn ready to knit or easily ply. Bottom whorl spindles also spin way longer and smoother than a top whorl. This one is pretty teeny and I plan to take it on my upcoming trip to Italy. I'm sure my mom and I will get some interesting looks while spinning in the airport.

Not only was it super sweet for my friend to pick this up for me - and use some of her valuable yarn-buying time - she gave it to me as a birthday gift!

I know I like them

Today I'm going to a friend's bridal shower. Along with a gift card, I wanted to give her something handmade. So, yes, another set of pillowcases was made. It gave me a project for this amazing fabric I picked up not long ago. (It was still sitting on my sewing table to admire.)

The pillowcases are so pretty on their own I don't think anything more than a ribbon is needed.