Monday, November 23, 2015

All for me!

This weekend I decided to do something totally crazy - making something just for me! Ever since I picked up this awesome neon thread in the summer, I knew I wanted to do matchstick quilting on white with it. I just needed the time and plan. Then while laying in bed half asleep on Saturday morning, an idea came to me. The inspiration came at the end of a disappointing week, so I knew making something for myself was just what I needed!

First I grabbed a few Tula Pink Eden prints, even yellow! Then I started cutting out the pieces for my shapes. Kinda an '80s vibe with the circle, triangles and rectangle.

In no time, my Tula banner was together! Clearly I'm a big fan of that orangey pink. That's the wall colour in my craft room and the perfect backdrop for my banner.

Then came the really fun part - quilting! I did have a moment's hesitation about the neon thread and was gonna go with more matchy aurifil, but soon I knew it was the perfect choice.

I mostly alternated the orange and pink, and green and yellow. I'd say the quilting lines are about 1/8" apart. And I love it! The matchstick quilting gives the banner a whole new look. I like the furry trimmed edges too. So very many threads.

Then I took it outside into our first real snow to capture it in the sunlight and let those colours shine.

Now to get the binding on. I'm gonna go for the blue/green in the top left to balance all the pink.

I think now I'm gonna dream up new projects for that neon thread. It's totally rad!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Blocks and basket

I really enjoyed making the block for this month's queen bee. Good thing too, since I needed to make four for her because she did the same for me. Jackie picked a Christmas theme with bright green and red and I think I did well, considering my trouble finding those fabrics. I may pick the Homebase Block next year when it's my turn to be queen bee again.

As usual, I made a fabric basket to send as well. And I decided I really need to write a tutorial for my fast and easy way to put one together. I like the popular one-hour basket, but found a few steps in there that can be simplified to get a basket together even faster. And I like the look of the folded-down cuff. Or handles could be added, although I don't find those especially useful for the added time.

So add writing a tutorial to my to-do list! I just need a few daylight hours to take photos as I put one together.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stash shortfall

The past two months in my quilting bee have been a bit of a challenge for me fabric wise. And I find it simply baffling when I don't have something suitable in my stash. There's so much in there!

October's queen bee wanted her Checker Block in black and white fabrics, colourful designs on a predominantly white background, and black sashing. I knew right away I had zip in B&W and straight black, but I was surprised to find I didn't have much in the way of the other. Guess I really do like colour.

So then I was on the hunt. I found the black and white no problem, but the other proved tricky. And oh I looked in so many shops. After a fruitless search, I found this bird and building print in my stash. The queen bee said it was fine, so I went with it. I sent her two blocks since it was almost as easy to make two as one once you had the HST. I wish I paid more attention when cutting the owl fabric because they kinda disappear. I love the print for the basket - little sprouts!

All along I have been making practice blocks from a bundle of Meadow. Now I have nine blocks, including these recent additions. (Sorry for the poor lighting. It's getting so tough to get photos with the rapidly shortening days and then the daylight saving switch.)

Now I am on the hunt for fabric for the November queen, who wants a red and green Christmasy block. That green is proving elusive. And to compound the problem I need to make four blocks because she accidentally made for for my month.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hazel helps out

I whipped up this zippered pouch this weekend to be auctioned in a friend's Instagram fundraiser to help a lovely woman gain some financial independence while she's going through a rough patch. I cut into my precious Lovely Hunt and Abacus prints I just got in the mail, and added in bits of Tula, C+S and AMH. I love how it turned out! Those rich colours are offset so nicely by the text print. This Hazel's purple eyes and her silver nose have a bit of sparkle, too.

I quilted the front in a crosshatch and then the back is a combination of dense straight lines and waves in the blue. The top bid was $70! Can you believe it?! Why am I not selling these puppies?! Oh wait. I hate making pouches. They're so much easier on my new sewing machine, but I still do not like tangling with zippers. Not sure why, but it's something I dread. Yet still I keep making them! Go figure.

All things Alison

This round of the Schnitzel & Boo swap was a breeze for me. My partner said her favourite designer is Alison Glass - plenty of that in my stash! - and she'd love a Mariner's Compass. Coming up with a swap plan is often the tough part, so I was happy to know exactly what to make. I found a lovely free pattern for the block and I was still in a paper-piecing groove after my New York Beauty. (Unfortunately I've got some bad feelings with that swap after my partner couldn't be bothered to post a thank you, but I'm trying to put that behind me.)

I started with the colourful AG Ex Libris print in the centre, then started pulling co-ordinating fabrics in blue, purple, pink and orange in AG prints and solids. Along with bold colours, my partner said she also likes dark greys and black, so I incorporated lots of that too. I love how this turned out, and it was tough sending it off.

She said she likes anything hedgehog, so I made a zippered pouch and tucked the mini in there along with some Smarties. Alison Glass fabric for this, too.

And when I mailed that yesterday, all my swaps were done. It feels odd and wonderful at the same time. Thankfully another round of my favourite swap - the Rainbow Mini Swap - hosted by one of my favourite IG friends is opening soon!

Ps. This post joined the weekly link party over at Blossom Heart Quilts. Be sure to check out Alyce's great blog.