Saturday, March 26, 2011


This project is barely worth mentioning, but I like the photo. I recently got a new phone, switching from a flip style to one with a sleek, but easily damaged glass face. Knowing my tendency to drop and then often kick my phone across rough surfaces, like a gravelly garage floor, I thought it wise to give the new gadget a little protection.

So I whipped up this phone pocket using a batik fat quarter and flannel left over from another project. It's simple, but serves its purpose.

What's noteworthy is the reflection I caught in the phone of the sweet face of my cat Aurora, who of course had to check out what I was doing.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finishing and starting

I finally finished my second mug rug, after waiting so long for a chance to do the binding. It turned out super cute. Unfortunately the strip on the left side of the hippo disappeared under the binding. Next time I have to be careful pieces don't get lost at the edge.

I didn't have too much time for crafting this weekend because I've launched into the huge task of painting my new house, which is white, so white. I figured I'd start easy with a small bathroom. Right. The problem with small rooms is there are lots of corners and nooks and crannies, and little room to manoeuvre in. The bigger challenge with this room is getting an even colour. I chose a very dark cranberry - inspired by a decorated room I saw in an Icelandic museum - on a base of very light, not so great paint. This is the second coat. I'm hoping the third one will do the trick.

I have to say, this colour a bit of a shock. My old house was all painted with rich colours, but my new one is a blank slate. Soon that will be remedied. Now that I have a splash of colour, I want to get the whole house painted! Next I'm going to do my bedroom a very delicate, but still bright purple.