Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween craziness

When a woman at the leash-free park said my dog Alexi looks so elegant that she should have a unicorn horn, a seed was planted. How could I resist making her a unicorn for Halloween?

Plus I figured it would be a quick project - just roll some paper and add a ribbon tie. But how wrong I was. Turns out tape doesn't stick to tightly rolled glitter paper. Neither does glue. Even shaping the thick paper into a horn was no easy task. Finally I got out thread, needle and pliers. Presto, a unicorn horn!

I'm not sure if it was the unicorn horn or being forced to stand for several minutes, but she wasn't so impressed with the whole experience.

So, yeah, I'm now one of those people who dresses their pets for Halloween.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Filling in the gap

My bunting bunting found its home in my craft room, right above my sewing machine and the only spot free of the clutter that spread all over the rest of the room like creeping ivy.

Found and finished

These fingerless gloves were knit a couple years ago. But my attempt to sew them together was, to put it nicely, an utter disaster. Frustrated, I ripped out the sloppy seam and tossed them in a drawer. And there they've sat unfinished and abandoned. Until yesterday. Suddenly I remembered the cheery gloves so close to being wearable and decided it was time. Even more important, I remembered the guidebook on knitting tricks my mom gave me (maybe to get a bit of a break on my crafting questions).

The photo on the front promises a nifty technique for an invisible seam. I was doubtful, but rolled up my sleeves, threaded my needle and followed the instructions. Then came the swearing. But unlike my usual craft-induced profanity, this was an unadulterated expression of joy. Magic! Yank the thread and the seam disappears. Rarely is finishing a project fun, but I was actually sorry to be done zipping up the seams. What a thing of beauty. And today I could finally wear my pretty new fingerless gloves, perfect for the unwelcome chill and - gasp - hail.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My CFF Tara kindly picked me up this awesome faux cross stitch fabric by Anna Maria Horner. Like all nice fabric, I shudder at the idea of going at it with my rotary cutter. Can't I just admire it? The solution - a simple tablecloth. That way I can admire the fabric every day while saving it from a terrible fate on the cutting mat. The corners are mitered like the napkins I made, so basically it's a big ass napkin.

But every breakfast I look at those crosses just begging for colourful floss. I'm sure the embellishment would look lovely, but part of me just wants to jump onto the next project. Oh the dilemma. Since I can go at it with a needle and thread anytime, I think for now I'll just enjoy the breakfast view.