Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monkey on my back

I am itching to craft, but right now my craft room is filled with a mound of boxes. I did find the huge bin of spinning fibre and moved it all into a new cupboard, swooning over each fluffy bit. I have another bare cupboard aching to be filled with fabric. But that one's behind the pile and the fabric is somewhere in the pile.

Don't fear! My sewing machine and spinning wheel are safely tucked away in the closet - the first items to arrive in the new place. You can't risk those being handled by strangers!

Alas I must finish the last boxes and bags in other rooms before I can roll up my sleeves in the craft room. My motivation is the amazing fabric I bought just days before the big move and had to pack away, right away. I got a metre of lovely Amy Butler home decor fabric for a steal to make a cushion for my new hall bench. That new piece is yet to arrive, so I've got time. Hopefully there will be enough fabric for a couple cushions, too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

On the move

I won't be posting anything new for a while because I'm in the midst of packing up the whole house to move next week. I cannot believe how many boxes are marked craft room. Box after box after box. At least the roving is light! Packing up my fibre, beads and sewing stashes was like doing inventory. And I didn't need to take a tally to realize I have a lot of stuff for crafting. I even found some things I forgot about.

Unfortunately I'll be forced to take a crafting hiatus during the move. But I'm excited to start with a clean slate in my new crafting room. I bought a couple large cupboards on sale weeks ago that will hold a lot. I'll see soon if it's enough space for everything. I'm doubtful.

I'll also be starting with a fresh slate on all the walls. My new place is so white! I've already picked out a few amazing new colours and I'm going to recycle a few from my current home.

Golden skein

Here's the fibre I dyed with marigolds, spun into a two-ply. I'm not usually a huge fan of yellow, but this skein is such a lovely golden colour.

To the happiest place on earth

I made this set of travel bags for my middle sister, who will soon be going on a trip to Disney World. How cute is this fabric? I especially love the little smiling creatures on the green print.