Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walking on art

This isn't something I made, but I know all crafters out there will appreciate this rug designed by Amy Butler. It is so beautiful! I want to sit in my bedroom and admire it.

The pattern is of course amazing, but what really makes the rug special is that the wool is sculptured with the floral design. It's almost too nice to walk on. I sat all the pets down to give them a stern lecture on never, ever, under any circumstances walking on the rug, but I'm not sure if it sunk in. Maybe I could put a little fence around it, like people do with their gardens to keep rabbits out . . .

Giving my personal crafting consultant a break

I made this zippered pouch all on my own without making my mom field my endless stupid questions. My brain had a little trouble figuring out the zipper, but finally I got it in the right way. Thank you, seam ripper!

I know it's a very simple project, but I am just getting started with sewing.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tasty treat

I made these bar cookies today. The recipe had a few steps, which usually I avoid because I like instant gratification when it comes to snacks, but this was worth the extra time.

Big, little and zippered

This weekend my ever-talented mom came to my place for a sewing lesson. She helped me make a little fabric basket and a zippered pouch. Today on my own I made a jumbo-sized version of the basket. Of course once I got started I completely forgot how to put it together. Call it a case of brain freeze. A quick consultation with my on-call crafting guru (aka mom) and suddenly the solution was obvious. Too bad the good sewing juju didn't last to my next attempt to recreate the zippered pouch. Sigh. I'm going to need another phone consultation and maybe a brain transplant.

I think they look pretty amazing. And at this magnification you can't see my wonky sewing. Ariel seem impressed and came in for a closer look - then climb into the big basket, of course. She also sat on the fabric being cut, sniffed the bobbin was it was winding, then practically sat on the sewing machine. So helpful.