Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome, spring! So long, winter!

These bracelets were inspired by a spring-y day that snuck into the winter weather a while ago. (I couldn't post the photo until the jewelry was unwrapped, in case you were wondering about the delay. Read the next post and all will make sense, I swear.)

I simply can't decide which colours I like better: the palette of intense greens, or the sweet, soft blend. My fondness for crystals obviously held sway.

Christmas in April

Here are two scarves I knit forever and a day ago as Christmas presents for two good friends. Unfortunately we had a little trouble getting together for a Christmas gift exchange until this past weekend. (Have you noticed that getting together a few people, especially from all different towns, can be almost as tricky as planning a space shuttle launch?) I bought the yarn even longer ago, I think during a late summer craft shopping excursion with my mom. Not only is it amazingly lovely yarn, but it's for a great cause too. Check out www.besweetproducts.com. Luckily the scarves are for decoration not warmth, so the timing worked out quite well!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A life of leisure

It may have seemed to the untrained eye that I was neglecting my little blog out of crafting and blogging laziness. But in fact I was enjoying the good life in France. I've got a few things to post from crafts past, including my handwoven scarf I didn't get a chance to wear before my vacation kicked off and now will have to keep waiting until next fall.

As my holiday buzz wears off, I face the daunting task of sorting through my photos. At least I only took one camera on this trip! This photo is from a visit to Monet's garden in Giverny, which was in full bloom. Well, all but his famous waterlilies. I guess I have an excuse to go back!