Monday, May 9, 2011


One cat on this couch cushion is already a strain. Two cats are definitely too much for the poor cushion to handle.

But it was sunny and the cats were too drowsy to notice their precarious position. Yawn.

I know, I know

Yup. Another fabric basket. But this one's not for me. My mom uses the fabric basket I made her all the time for knitting projects and I thought she could use another one. Plus she loves Laura Gunn fabric, so I was inspired when I found these two fat quarters in my stash.

And, to be fair, I'm not in a total basket-sewing rut. That day I did try two other projects first that caused extreme and mounting frustration, pushing me to toss fabric into a heap on the floor. (Once the careless high wore off, I folded it up neatly.) Understandably I went back to a project I knew I could tackle. Ironically, that didn't go smoothly either. A loud rip as I was turning it right-side out is never a good thing. So a tedious repair later (thankfully it was the lining that tore) the basket was done. Let's hope my next sojourn at the sewing machine will go more smoothly.