Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granola fairy

My friend's mom passed through Burlington, Vt., on a road trip and we had one very emphatic request: pick up the world's best granola. When we were in Burlington in the spring, we happened upon this awesome bakery that makes their own granola and oatmeal, and both let out a long sigh when our supply at home ran out.

Thanks, thanks, thanks Joanne for many good breakfasts to come!

Soon these will be in the mail . . .

She picked out the bracelet, then I made a pair of earrings that are similar, but not too matchy-matchy.

Facing my fear

I've been spinning for a few years now and although I still feel like a novice, I feel confident enough to spin and see where it takes me. But I have been avoiding one very basic spinning skill - single ply yarn. Obviously I've spun a lot of singles, but I always ply them. Plying usually corrects any problems with the singles and a two-ply yarn, or more, is just way more stable.

But I was always drawn to singles other people made - probably because I thought it was an impossible spinning feat for me. And, really, it is pretty miraculous that you can put twist in animal fibre and it stays there! So, I finally forced myself to spin a single knowing I'm not going to ply it. I picked a blueish superwash merino because it's a pretty easy to spin fibre that holds together well.

Once I filled the bobbin, I dunked the skein into hot, soapy water, rinsed it out and then gave it a few good thwaps (my newly invented word for snapping a skein between two arms). Then I hung it up to dry and prayed.

Voila! A lovely, nearly balanced yarn that stayed together!

I am still amazed.

Take three

Finally, a wristlet that sewed up fairly well with little to no profanity. I made this for my sister Laura with the cutest cat print. The lining is with the purple dot fabric used for the little pull.

I read a nifty trick on a crafty blog that helped with the corners to make them look very neat. With what I had leftover from the two fat quarters, I made this drawstring bag and the world's teeniest little pouch. I think I need to make a little treat to put inside.

Happy Anniversary

My mom and dad recently celebrated their 41st anniversary and I made them each a set of travel bags. And just in time - they're off next month on a trip. My mom said she's already moved into a couple of the bags.

Here's my dad's set. It's not so easy to find a masculine fabric print.

And here's my mom's set. I really love this fabric from Moda.

I hope they have lots more great trips, with the bags along to make packing and travel easier.