Saturday, January 24, 2015

My first bee!

Another quilting adventure for me! I recently joined my first quilting bee and, jumping right in, I'm also a group leader. We're just getting started on the year-long bee, but already it's so much fun! It's being organized by the lovely and talented Gnome Angel and Blossom Heart Quilts. Even if you're not a part of the bee, you can still join in the fun and make the blocks. Two block tutorials will be shared every month on Blossom Heart Quilt's blog - one known, and one a mystery by a popular designer or quilter.

The first January block is Tic Tac Toe - and that's the the first Queen Bee for my swarm chose. I made a practice block because I was amazed to find I just didn't have anything in my stash, no matter how much I shuffled through there, to suit the Queen Bee's fabric choices. How is that even possible?! So I used my cherished bundle of Leah Duncan's Meadow, with a grand plan that may or may not come to fruition, to make every block. Cuz you know, I don't have enough quilting projects!

It's a simple block that goes together easily, with a little attention paid to those pesky points. I love how it turned out and now I'm eager to make one for February's Queen Bee.

I'm having fun as a group leader and even have my own IG hashtag - #beehiveswarmjohanna. I made a cute logo as well, with the most adorable - and perfect for a quilting bee - Heather Ross print.

I just started a Facebook group for my swarm and we're having lots of fun on there getting to know each other and sharing our passion for quilting and fabric. So you should think about joining the fun, too, by making at least a few of the blocks. Don't forget the bee's hashtag when you post on IG - #thebeehivequilts!

The Bee Hive


  1. Gorgeous block! I do love your choice of fabrics. It would make a beautiful quilt. I am enjoying the quilting bee so far, too. You can view some of the images on Instagram under #beehiveswarmJoy and #beehiveswarm21

  2. I love how you've subtly made a star with the stripe print! Very clever!

    1. So subtle that I only just noticed the star, Alyce! But I did intentionally put them in that arrangement, so I guess that kinda counts!