Sunday, November 11, 2012

A step forward, then many back

During the crazy windstorm recently I braved the weather to rescue the bunting hanging around my front porch. Being out in the sun and rain all summer sure took a toll. I can't believe how much it faded in just a couple months. But I like my sun-bleached bunting even more now. Rather than being tucked away safety like many sewing projects, the bunting was used and loved. And it will go out again next year, partly because I have trouble finding my house now. So it's not only pretty, but practical.

Yesterday afternoon I was determined to finally pick up a knitting project started too long ago. I like knitting a lot - the click clack of the needles is very calming. But I also feel like a huge knitting dummy. I think that's why I gravitate to sewing and cross-stitch - I can see and understand what I'm doing. It's like I have knitting dyslexia. That's why when I was set on a relaxing afternoon of knitting, I was very disappointed to find I made a mistake starting several rows back. I braced myself and did something I have never before - yanked out the needles and started ripping. I even got it back on the needles with no huge problems. But I just couldn't figure out the edges and how I was supposed to knit those with the markers gone. So now I'm waiting for a knitting rescue by my mom, the guru of all crafts. She'll get me on track again.

With my knitting ambitions stymied, I turned to a lap-sized strip quilt. The top and bottom were both done, so it was ready for batting and pins. I forged ahead, maybe bolstered by my knitting failure and in spite of having to move a very heavy table to make enough room to lay it out, and got the sandwich pinned together. Sadly my crafting was derailed entirely by a migraine, but I'm glad I accomplished something, even if it was just a small step of a bigger project.