Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting warped

Tonight in my second weaving class I got the warp on my loom. Now that is some painstaking work! I have a new appreciation for my handwoven tea towels, and I already loved them so much! (Weird, yes. But they are so very nice to dry dishes! You really have to give a handwoven tea towel a spin to understand.)

If I had a picture from the class, it would be of me hunched over a loom with a rather perplexed and tense look on my face, perhaps a little dark cloud hovering above my head. We all did surprisingly well and even got out a few minutes early. The tedious work will all be worth it next week when we get to start weaving. Of course that hinges on my not having made a monumental mistake along the way and, boy oh boy, were there many opportunities for that. Cross your fingers.

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