Saturday, January 23, 2010

Going crazy

This is yarn I spun from a crazy batt during a workshop at Wellington Fibres. Making crazy batts is crazy fun. You spread out a bunch of fibre - we used wool and mohair - as the base, then start adding in dashes of just about anything. We tossed on mohair locks, sparkly angelina, sari silk bits, yarn, clumps of mystery fibre. Then it all goes through the giant drum carder and mixes it all together into a bat. You can even toss in more bits while the carder is doing its work.

Then we started spinning. It's cool spinning a crazy batt because you never know what bits are going to appear as you go. Depending on how you spin, you can make bold segments with the accent bits or blend it in for a more subtle effect. I liked the look of keeping the accents mostly intact. You can see the bits of bright blue and lighter colours dappled throughout the mostly dark fibre.

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