Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elusive organization

Here's the current state of my new craft room. It's pretty good, but needs a bit more tweaking. There's lots of room for cutting fabric and spreading out projects. There's plenty of storage. There's separate space for sewing and beading (after a rather tricky process of moving the desks around in the cramped space by myself when the large desk proved too wobbly for sewing).

I don't expect perfection in a craft room. It seems complete organization is elusive and a mess always appears once I start on a project. As long as I can find things and have room to work, that's all that really matters.

This is the sewing area:

On the other side is the beading area and storage cupboards - one for fibre and one for fabric. I was a bit surprised/guilty/aghast at how these two cupboards filled up quickly.

I'm really eager to paint the room, but just can't bear the idea of moving everything now that I've got the room set up. The colour I've picked is a kinda crazy and totally awesome pink. Check out dragon fruit on I was inspired by this year's Pantone colour of the year - honeysuckle. I may also throw in a few dashes of last year's colour - turquoise. I recently bought paint for four rooms, so I'm a bit relieved I need to do those (far easier) rooms first.

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