Monday, June 6, 2011

Hanging in

My posting and crafting has been quite lacking lately. It seems any weekend I'm not busy with friends or things to do, then I'm painting. Including my craft room - which is now an amazing, deep pink called dragonfruit. I will post a photo, but I have to be around for the right light so it doesn't look like a crazy person picked the colour. Lots of people may think that no matter the light. It's intense, but I love it.

I spun up the fibre I dyed, but haven't taken a photo yet. And I made curtains for my upstairs hall tonight. Paint and curtains are steadily spreading through my new home, thanks mostly to my talented and fast-sewing mother. We got some amazing Echino fabric on the weekend for the living room.

Last week was absorbed unfortunately with the loss of my sweet dog Marie. I wasn't feeling much like crafting or anything really. Here's a photo of my lovely girl I took just a few months ago.

Those big, dark eyes are what I first noticed about Marie at the adoption centre. What a gentle, wise look. How could anyone resist that face?

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