Sunday, September 4, 2011

Turkish delight

My lovely friend Tara was so sweet to pick out a Turkish spindle for me while she was recently at the Sock Summit. I saw them while I was at a spinning retreat last fall, but hesitated on buying one more thing when I had already splurged on so much fibre.

These spindles are handmade by a man in the states who I think can barely keep up with the demand. You can really see the care that goes into them. The Turkish spindle is a neat design because you can pull all the pieces apart and you have a ball of yarn ready to knit or easily ply. Bottom whorl spindles also spin way longer and smoother than a top whorl. This one is pretty teeny and I plan to take it on my upcoming trip to Italy. I'm sure my mom and I will get some interesting looks while spinning in the airport.

Not only was it super sweet for my friend to pick this up for me - and use some of her valuable yarn-buying time - she gave it to me as a birthday gift!

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