Sunday, May 19, 2013


This blog should really be called "stuff I make infrequently." I am working on a few things, but not seeming to get a lot finished. (I've tried a number of new recipes in recent weeks - does that count? Please let that count. Ah, who am I kidding - even this blog post is a cheat.)

Anyway ... I'm plugging away on my cross stitch Bill Murray when I feel like a relaxing evening of crafting in front of the television. The pattern is deceptive - it looks small, but it's got massive solid patches of crosses.

Slowly but surely I am working through my stack of Hawaiian fabric cut for napkins. Last night I whipped up this pair for a present.

I think I'm getting faster because these two were done in a snap. Or maybe it only seemed that way because I was listening to a favourite podcast to distract me from the tedious measuring and ironing for the mitered corners.

At the Creativ Festival earlier this spring, I picked up two kits to make wonderfully soft rag quilts. The first step is making the sandwiches of batting inside two flannel squares. Charm packs made the tasks much easier, leaving only the batting to cut into squares.

The sandwiches are stacked neatly on my work table, ready for the sewing machine. Which is where I should be and not fooling around on the computer.

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