Tuesday, December 3, 2013

'Tis the season

Now that December is here, the clock is ticking on Christmas crafting. Sadly, I am still a November birthday gift behind for a dear CFF. I'm gonna use the excuse that it was out of my hands when I sent it off to the quilter relatively early and she unfortunately had a backlog. Here's a sneak peek:

These cheery pillowcases became her consolation gift.

Of course my Christmas crafting will include a few pillowcase sets. Honest to Jebus, people have been really enthusiastic about the handmade pillowcases. It's not just me off my rocker about them. I whipped up these tea towels for a friend who is just as elegant as this fabric.

Now to get back to the craft room, for now Santa's workshop.

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  1. i LOVE my pillowcases. they are the cheeriest ever :)