Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Feeling blue

Last time I have my family over to my place, my middle sister went on not so subtly about how she really liked my quilted pillows. I got a quick yes when I asked if she'd like one. Together we picked out fabric in primarily blues for a Hazel pillow. This pattern is so much fun to make, it really is a pleasure to sew with that cute little face looking back at me.

Wavy lines again, which seems to be my go-to quilting for Hazels. It is wonderfully freeing, especially for a perfectionist like me. I just go at it with no guides, and I go fast! Then it was a quick task to add the envelope back and it was ready to give.

I really need to get around to finishing the Hazel pillow I started for myself way back in the spring. It's all quilted and only needs to be turned into a pillow. But projects for myself always simmer on the back burner.

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