Thursday, August 4, 2016

No scrap left behind

Feeling a bit burned out on swapping, I suggested to a few IG friends that we do a travelling quilt bee. Each person makes a centre block, then sends it to the next person in line to add to it. And so it goes until a completed quilt top comes back to you. We just sent off our centre blocks and I'm so excited to do this! I'm looking forward to the challenge of adding to other people's quilts and also to see what they come up for mine.

Here's the centre block I made:

It's got a bit of everything I love: bright colours, text prints, traditional blocks. I'm really happy with it and hope it inspires the ladies in my group.

Of course I can't just toss those little corners cut off flying geese and HST, so I made a mug rug for my desk at work. That binding fabric is perfection. I wish I had a bolt of it!

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