Monday, September 26, 2016

About time!!

At long last these went from languishing on the WIP pile to being pillows I can enjoy!

These were both pieced and quilted I don't know how long ago. But they ended up on the ever-growing pile of partly finished projects, I think because the pattern tells you to trim the sides to make it square and I just couldn't bring myself to do that. It's so tough to slice off bits that took great care to put together!

But with a little distance and time, I had no problem slicing and dicing these and finally getting a back put on. That step of making a pillow is so fast, it was ridiculous that's all they needed. I grabbed this great Tula print I had yardage of in my stash. And the pillows are on the small side - about 16" - so it didn't take much.

It was also nice, after not having seen them in quite some time, to admire the quilting. I did one in blue and one in pink, similar yet different straight line quilting. I need to do more quilting like this again with more varied spacing between the lines. Oh and that reminds me of the thing I keep forgetting to put on my shopping list - masking tape! I find it's the best tool for quilting, and cheap!

So I whipped up these pillows and guess where they are now a week later? Still sitting on the bench in my front hall where I took the photo. Tsk, tsk Johanna!


  1. Gorgous pillows Johanna! You’ve inspired me to finish some quilted pillows-to-be!

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