Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Long weekend sewing

Why does it seem there are never enough sewing hours in the day? This was weekend was a long one in Canada, yet still I didn't get as much sewing done as I would have liked. I have been biking a lot lately to try and reach my goal before the weather turns too cold. Once I'm biking indoors I'll have a bit more spare time because it's far easier to just do an hour when the view is my messy basement versus the beautiful countryside.

First up was putting together the scraps salvaged from my Carolyn Friedlander pillow. I sewed three of the 1x2" strips into a block, then put the 16 blocks together to create this crazy little bit of patchwork that's 6.5" square. It will be perfect for a mugrug. I love all the teeny little pieces.

Here's the craziness of the back ...

Then I finished sewing the fish that will be my contribution to a charity guild quilt. They turned out so cute! I love how they're all flitting in different directions.

Although quite simple, the stack of them did take a fair bit of time. If you want to make them, I put together a four-patch with two background squares and two HST. Then I put a solid colour on that and made two HST - and voila you have a little fishy with a tail!

Oh and my recent pillow makes are a big hit with the kitties. I guess it's far too tempting to have a soft spot to lay right near my sewing machine. Here's Ariel in a Princess and the Pea moment.

And here's Aurora having a bath. I wouldn't mind so much but her bathing usually involves pulling out chunks of fur and spitting them out.

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