Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Finally catching up

Blossom Heart Quilt's modern HST sampler sew-along ended in December, but my last few blocks kinda fell by the wayside. Where does the time go?

Here's block 21 - Diamond Twirl.

Block 22 - Shattered. I had some fun with the prints when making this one.

Block 23 - Bejewelled. It was challenging at times, especially with the more complicated blocks, to stick to just Alison Glass' indigo handcrafted line, but I think it's going to look so striking all together.

Block 24 - Nip Tuck. Ooh this was a bit of a beast! So many teeny HST! I like the flying geese in the two prints peeking in.

And with that, all the blocks are done! I know how I want to put them together, I just need to get some sashing fabric and get to it!

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