Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mmm . . .

I tried two new recipes today. Very adventurous for me! Both were super tasty.

First I baked up a new cookie. Usually I stick to my tried and true chocolate chip cookies because, well, they're the perfect blend of crispy and chewy and chocolaty. But I found this recipe for crispy salted butterscotch oatmeal cookies on one of my favourite blogs - Poppytalk. I'd definitely recommend them. The oatmeal and coconut give the cookies a wonderful crispiness while still being a bit chewy.

Then for dinner I tried paprika chicken with pasta in a tomato cream sauce from another favourite blog - Crepes of Wrath. I've had a love for paprika since vacationing in Hungary and this recipe looked too tasty to resist.

It was really good - the chicken moist, the pasta sauce creamy and the paprika gives a nice, slow burn.

I shoulda snapped photos, but I was too eager to tuck into a big bowl! Now to the paprika-stained pile of dishes.

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