Sunday, April 11, 2010

A trio of baskets for a trio of friends

This weekend I enjoyed a wonderfully crafty weekend with three good friends. I made these baskets as a little token to take home of their visit. (Other than the trunk full of goodies we bought. And, yes, the four of us filled my trunk.)

What a great day of shopping we had! We started at the farmer's market where we loaded up on all sorts of yummy fresh veggies and fruit. Then we made stops at a fibre mill and fabric store, with a few good shops and lunch in between.

And we saw the just-born mohair goat kids! If ever there was an occasion for OMG! this was it. With their silky ringlets and sweet little faces, they are the cutest creatures ever. I wanted to slip one into my purse and take it home with me. Instead I had to settle for some fibre and mohair locks. I also got a whole whack of lovely fabric that really requires me to sew something a bit more advanced than a basket. Am I crazy to think a small quilt is a possibility?

Definitely this crafty road trip with good friends was great inspiration to get busy.


  1. OMG indeed! thanks again for weekend of fun!

  2. I love my basket. It is full of books. So pretty. Thanks.