Sunday, October 7, 2012

Found and finished

These fingerless gloves were knit a couple years ago. But my attempt to sew them together was, to put it nicely, an utter disaster. Frustrated, I ripped out the sloppy seam and tossed them in a drawer. And there they've sat unfinished and abandoned. Until yesterday. Suddenly I remembered the cheery gloves so close to being wearable and decided it was time. Even more important, I remembered the guidebook on knitting tricks my mom gave me (maybe to get a bit of a break on my crafting questions).

The photo on the front promises a nifty technique for an invisible seam. I was doubtful, but rolled up my sleeves, threaded my needle and followed the instructions. Then came the swearing. But unlike my usual craft-induced profanity, this was an unadulterated expression of joy. Magic! Yank the thread and the seam disappears. Rarely is finishing a project fun, but I was actually sorry to be done zipping up the seams. What a thing of beauty. And today I could finally wear my pretty new fingerless gloves, perfect for the unwelcome chill and - gasp - hail.

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