Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hawaiian escape

I was lucky enough this January to leave the winter behind me for a family trip to Hawaii. After a day in flip flops and skirts, I forgot all about snow and ice.

Although I was away from my sewing machine, it was not forgotten. I searched out fabric shops and found a few great ones, including Kimura's on the Big Island. Stepping through the doors was like a trip back in time. I don't think it has changed since opening more than a half century ago. When the elderly store owner cut my fabric, she laid it out on a box of standing rolls and measured with a wooden yard stick.

I picked up a whole bunch of great Hawaiian prints. Some is destined for pillow cases (already started) and others for napkins. I figure just a splash of the kinda kitschy fabric is enough. No Hawaiian shirts for me.

The selection in a shop near where we were staying in Kauai was overwhelming. Needless to say, my suitcase was a tad heavy leaving Hawaii, weighing in at just over 50 pounds (and about 10 heavier than when I left home).

On a search for a spot to stop in lunch, we happened upon a yarn and ukelele shop. Yup - yarn and ukeleles. There was a great selection of hand-dyed yarns and I picked up one for myself and two for presents.

I wrapped up one of the skeins with a hibiscus stitch marker. The colours, especially the orangey one, remind me of the island and a wonderful winter escape.

Before I could ease into a Hawaiian state of mind, I had to answer that most difficult question facing every crafter packing for a trip - what craft do I bring? I settled on a cross stitch Bill Murray. Freaking awesome.

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