Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shovel and stitch

I learned an important lesson - don't try to top stitch right after shovelling heavy snow for an hour. It makes sewing straight lines darn near impossible. But my seam ripper and I forged ahead.

I wanted to make my dad handkerchiefs as a little gift for his 75th birthday. After much rummaging through my fabric stash - the pinks, florals and cute critters - I found a couple masculine-ish fat quarters. A little ironing and semi-straight seams later, I had two handkerchiefs.

I love that my dad still uses handkerchiefs. So old school. It's too bad such gentlemanly habits slipped away. Now you've got guys walking around with their pants hanging below their butts. That is if they're not wearing pyjama bottoms.

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