Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome soon, baby

A dear friend is having her first baby in September, a girl. Feeling ambitious and having an early start after spotting a nice rag quilt kit in the spring, I got the blanket made with plenty of time to spare before the baby shower. Because it turned out so nice and baby sewing is fun (small = soon done = crafting happiness), I decided I'd make some more.

I picked up green checkered flannel to make burp cloths using Prudent Baby's how-to. I shoulda washed the flannel before because it definitely shrunk compared to the cotton. Lesson learned when using different fabric types. But I reminded myself a baby will be spitting up on them and they'll be in the laundry tons, so it's not the end of the world. (Of course, the perfectionist in me is still bristling.) They're bright and cheery with the Robert Kaufman London Calling print that looks like a field of flowers.

Then I made a tag blanket, which apparently babies really love. This tutorial was my starting point, but I made changes. (Perfectly spaced ribbons - why!?!) Intent on using every last bit of the crazy awesome monkey and banana flannel, I pieced together one side. Then since it was basically now a patchwork quilt, I added a light flannel in the middle and tacked all the layers together with a diamond-pattern stitch. I delved into my trim stash and found a bunch of lovely ribbon and giant ric-rac. The result is so cute/pretty/crazy.

All the projects were done last weekend, but that must have felt wrong for my deadline-driven brain. So the morning of the baby shower, I decided to sew a drawstring bag to slip everything in. It took a bit longer because of all the piecing for the giant bag - first because of the directional doggy fabric and then because I'm an idiot. This seemed the perfect project for the Sherbet Pip fabric I've been hoarding. (It's too cute to use!) The lining is the same pink print from the line I used for the tag blanket.

These drawstring bags (courtesy of Martha Stewart's sewing bible) are so handy. I made a set for travelling and have gifted many. They're super versatile and, if they get dirty, you can just toss them in the wash. I figured a bag like that would be handy with a baby because, oh boy, they do not travel light.

Here's the final product of all the sewing, topped off with a sweet bunny letterpress card from starshaped press on etsy. Now I can't wait to finally meet the little one when she arrives!

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