Sunday, August 11, 2013

Neat and linty

Here's a confession from a someone who maybe takes a little too much pleasure in organization ... I think my favourite part of making a rag quilt is neatly stacking all the sandwiches of flannel and batting. Let's pretend the method to my OCD madness is this makes it easier to grab and sew. Right. That's it.

While I still balk at the endless ironing involved in sewing, the hobby is very satisfying for my compulsive need for order. What a glorious sight, these strips lined up in a row ...

Of course the flannel I'm in the midst of sewing together is the perfect spot for a cat bath. I guess I can't blame her with the warm afternoon sun streaming through the window.

This morning I popped two rag quilts in the wash, and a mini kitty blanket with the few leftover squares, and talk about a lint explosion! I ran the washing machine through a cleaning cycle afterward in what was probably a wasted effort to get rid of some of the lingering fuzz. The lint catcher in the dryer was certainly working overtime.


  1. Cutest cats in the world. Oh, was this post about a quilt? I didn't notice.

  2. I see nothing wrong with your piles but we know I have the same sort of joy from organizing.

  3. oooh. i do love those tidy stacks.