Monday, January 20, 2014

Splash of pink

This lap quilt was made for a dear CFF's birthday. As with all my quilting endeavours, it started with neatly piled stacks. So many blocks for my biggest project yet.

Because I used muted greys and blues, I wanted to add a little colour by way of crazy bright pink binding. Which is not far off the wall colour in my craft room, as you can see here when I'm sewing on the binding.

Again my foyer doubled as a quilt basting area. (The colour is a bit off here with my clumsy adjustments for the late-night lighting.) Surprisingly the cats weren't helping me while I pinned this one onto its backing.

I used the Belle Wave pattern from Fresh Lemon Quilts. A simple pattern to go with calming colours.

The quilting was done by a lovely woman who decided on straight intersecting lines, which I think is perfectly suited to the pattern. She did an amazing job.

I couldn't resist a photo to highlight the awesome pink binding.

Finally it is off to its new home, where I hope it will be much used and loved.

1 comment:

  1. it is so very very loved. thank you thank you thank you - a million times over. it is the truest treasure and you are the dearest person :)