Monday, February 3, 2014

Quilting math fail

See this mess of scraps, half-square triangles of various sizes, and Beautiful Mind-type scrawling on a notepad and scrap of paper?

That's me trying to figure out what surely should be a simple math problem to resize a simple quilt block. But was it simple? I nearly blew a fuse trying to figure out how to make a sawtooth star block starting with a 4" centre square. (Not shown are the other pages of increasingly unintelligible notes.) I took university-level calculus, dammit!

Sure I could have simply cut down the centre square to a standard size with a seam allowance, but I was not gonna let this defeat me. Notice the giant circled 2 3/4" on the notepad and then the dramatically underlined 2 1/4"? That's me finally figuring it out. Seriously, I am an idiot and need to go back to Grade 2 math.

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