Monday, December 8, 2014

Quilting for a cause

This mini quilt is for a co-worker who asked if I could make something quilted to donate to the fundraising raffle for her choir. Right away I thought of the Moda Love Quilt, and my bundle of Up Parasol fabric. I also pulled another print, the green and yellow bubbles and waves, from my stash. So much of my fabric is rather girly and modern, and I wanted this mini to have a more broad appeal.

The wavy bubbles showed up again on the back, highlighted with a bit of simple piecing and corners for easy hanging. I used two matching prints in blue and green for a kinda scrappy binding. I'm finally getting smart with the binding and lay it around the quilt before starting to stitch to avoid a seam popping up right at a corner. Why does that always seem to happen?!

Straight-line quilting in mostly blue with a bit of yellow-green added a whole new dimension. The plan when I started was a minimal crosshatch, but I got all of three lines before thinking it just wouldn't do. I guess I just can't help myself when it comes to straight-line quilting.

But look how beautiful it is! How can I resist!?

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