Friday, July 17, 2015

Getting behind

I either need to post on my blog more often or make less because I get so behind on all my projects!

My latest swap mini made it to its new home. This is what I made for the Anna Maria Horner mini quilt swap. I started with Thimble Blossoms' Dwell pattern, then changed it a bit for a little interest. Although I must admit I had a ridiculous amount of trouble getting the spacing right between the houses. I'm not so bright sometimes. But I love how it turned out. I imagine it as a happy little court lined with friendly neighbours. I love the border too, especially with the little pop of yellow in the binding.

A friend recently invited me to celebrate her 40th birthday - axe throwing of all things! I decided a couple days before that I wanted to make her something, so I whipped up this Starburst mini. The text borders on top and bottom are a nice touch, I think. And I love the white binding!

This month's Queen Bee asked for this interesting block called Busy. But again I was foiled by that tricky little fact that paper piecing is reversed. So I got the block made and instantly realized the pieces were rotated the wrong way. But it was such a lovely block I decided to make it into a pillow. Thankfully I got the bee block right on the second try, but not without second-guessing myself the entire way.

When I showed my mom a picture of a zippered pouch I made for the AMH swap, she didn't miss a beat and said she could use some pouches for her many quilting projects. Well, I love quilting panels, but I hate sewing them into pouches because my machine is such a diva with bulky seams. Last time I made one, I looked like a person with PTSD. Every time the machine made the slightest noise, I winced out of fear of broken needle pieces flying at me. So we struck a deal: I'd make the quilted panels and she'd turn them into pouches. So far I've made two sets. A Hazel Hedgehog in Alison Glass fabric with a simple pieced back.

And two cat blocks in Amy Butler's True Colors.

Then I was having such a good time making Hazels, I just kept going. When I was cutting these out, I was a bit worried that the body fabric and background didn't have enough contrast. I should have listened to my gut. But I still love them. I imagine they think they're very clever creatures disappearing into their surroundings. Chameleon Hazels.

Oh, where would I be without my hot pink shag rug as a photograph backdrop?!

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