Friday, February 26, 2016

Rainbow mini, round 2

It's no small miracle that I got my quilt done way early for the second round of the rainbow mini swap. It sure is nice not to feel under the gun for a swap!

I don't want to say too much about the inspiration for my package since it's pretty specific to my partner. Maybe I'll come back and add that later. I really hope my partner is happy with what I made her. She's crazy talented, so that was rather intimidating. But also she really inspired me in this swap.

Here's the mini itself:

I used a block from Arcadia Avenue, but changed the colour scheme a bit. Kinda looks like a cheery flower, eh? I stepped out of my comfort zone with the quilting, for sure. Generally I prefer edge to edge straight-line quilting, but here I wanted to emphasize the design and I knew that meant burying threads. I hadn't done that before and was apprehensive, but it went OK. I alternated the quilting design in each ring of colour using a matching thread. The centre has star patterns that are tough to see here. Ooh boy, that centre was a doozy to get lined up.

The white around the edge has just a hint of sparkle, very purposely picked to suit something my partner mentioned in her form.

Then I made her a zippered pouch with Blueberry Park fabric and Quilter's Linen. I was going for an abstract stormy waters look. I really like how this turned out, finished with a special zipper pull and some of my favourite Laura Gunn fabric for the lining. I stuffed some goodies inside the pouch.

Now I just need to stitch on the label and I'll mail it on Monday.

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