Monday, May 2, 2016

Perfect finish

Ooh I loooove this pillow! I definitely need to make another with this simplified colour scheme. This was a really good exercise for me. Pulling fabrics from different designers and collections is not my strong suit, but I am gonna toot my own horn and say I think I did pretty well here. There's just enough contrast to make it interesting. I kinda wish I could keep it, but it was a commission.

Plus this one went faster than the first two, saving me from wanting to pull out my hair. But by fast, it still was at least four hours of quilt as you go. I was more strategic this time with fabric placement and did less quilting, which gave it less of a bullet proof feel. I did vary the quilting line width and I think that looks nice.

On the back, I used the Lizzy House castles I picked up recently. Perfect!

And here is the front of my crazy experiment in Alison Glass fabric. I love this too! I had a brief hate for it when I was trying to figure out block arrangment. But thankfully I have a quilting panel to offer their advice and one came up with the great idea to add thin sashing. That just made this mini.

And, in case you're wondering, that is the wall color in my crafting room. What can I say? I like colour.


  1. I love color too!...and your pillow! When I saw the back, I was amazed at how perfect the two sides matched. A beauty for sure. My house is full of color, and in a coordinated way. My sewing room is a bit different with one purple wall. It always inspires me!

    1. The matching was purely accidental! All my rooms are pretty bold colours and I love it, Kathy.