Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tula Pink pink!

After making a few quilt as you go pillows, I wanted to try another. I figured it was the perfect time to do that with my pillow auction to help the wildfire victims in Fort McMurray.

The others I made were very time and fabric intensive. I had an idea of a different way to do it that would hopefully save fabric, time and my sanity. Mostly this way of doing it was faster. I did complicate the matter by adding the diagonal corners, but I think the interest they add it is worth the extra time and wasted fabric. So much disappears under the next strip! Look at those teeny corners of yellow in the bottom corners! Those were decent sized pieces of fabric to start.

I used all Tula Pink, focusing on the pink prints with a bit of yellow and blue added. I love this one. It's too bad the moth print with blue and yellow mostly disappears around the pillow edges. With each pillow, I learn something new. Maybe a dozen or so from now, I'll get it just right!

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