Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All grown-up candy bracelet

This bracelet started with gorgeous bamboo fibre. I bought the little package of hand-dyed bamboo in Port Hope, along with equally beautiful packages of tussah silk, seacell/silk blend and soy silk. They're like little bags of candy — and the fibre is so glossy. But I couldn't just look at them in the bags forever. It was time to make something so I could wear the fibre — so I could enjoy a close look all day.

I got out the felting needles and started making little balls. A few jabbed fingers, and two broken needles later, I had enough for a bracelet. I tossed in a few milky glass bead and put it together with a magnetic clasp.

The bracelet is modeled by a stuffed bear made by my mom. Oddly the bear has a bigger wrist than I do because the bracelet was snug on him.

Here's a close-up of the needle-felted bamboo beads. I can't wait to wear my new creation.

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