Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dainty and Dangerous

A co-worker asked me to make her a pair of earrings in copper or gold. Any time I get a broad request like that I end up sitting at my craft room desk, rummaging through my bead stash, pulling together different combinations and seeing what can work.

I found these coppery beads I bought long ago - just five of them - and never found the right project. They're a sort of mottled colour with a twist in the rectangular shape. Oddly I also have copper-lined clear beads I love, but rarely use.

I grabbed some thin copper-coloured wire and started playing. I ended up slipping on the beads and using the jig to create a neat flourish on the bottom. And voila - a new earring design!

Taking the picture was the tricky part. I'm always distracted by the rugged beauty of the Prickly Pear, and forget about the prickly part of its name. Too late I remembered the danger as I brushed off some spider webs from the cactus, and embedded dozens of microscopic spines into both my hands. After the photo was snapped, I started the tedious task of plucking the spines from my hands.

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