Friday, December 31, 2010


This is kinda embarrassing to share. I know every crafter has a project or two tucked away unfinished, but this took procrastinating to a whole new level. A long, long time ago I spun a two-ply alpaca yarn. Then a long time ago I decided to knit it into a neck warmer for a friend using a lovely pattern from Spin Off magazine. It's a fast knit and I got to the required length in no time. But then I couldn't decide if I should stop there, or make it a bit longer. So I put it away. That was about a year and a half ago. Recently I pulled it out again, determined to finish the damn thing. (Think of the neck warmer as my albatross, albeit a super soft and cozy one.) I decided to stick with the length suggested in the pattern, then literally I only had to knit a couple rows to add button holes and finish it off. For more than a year it sat needing just a few rows of knitting. Then a few minutes and it was done.

The neck warmer is so soft and warm. I wore it for a while after adding the buttons and I didn't want to take it off. God bless alpacas and their wonderful, wonderful fleece. I resisted the urge to order some more alpaca for another project, reminding myself of my huge fibre stash. To be fair, I have some lovely stuff but nothing quite as wonderful as alpaca.

After the much-delayed finishing of the neck warmer, I did start on another one. I was half done in no time. Anyone want to place a wager on when I'll finish it? One year? Two years? I'm aiming for before global warming makes it obsolete.