Monday, May 5, 2014

At last

Finally I had a chance this weekend to give my CFF Darci her much belated birthday present - a very bright and busy version of In Color Order's giant star quilt. Then I enlisted her to hold it in the crazy wind so I could get photos, which proved quite tricky. It's pretty wild with the bold colours and patterns, but I love how it turned out. The hand-dyed fabric perfectly complemented the Tufted Tweets prints.

When I took it to the quilting retreat for show-and-tell, they thought the giant star was the back because they were far more impressed with the piecing on the actual back. I perhaps went a little overboard by making a giant block of smaller stars, and then one for each corner. In a way, it's two quilts in one. I love the deep blue fabric with splashes of colour that looks like deep space with swirling galaxies - perfect for the star theme.

Hand-quilting (not by me) with colourful variegated thread in a cross-hatch pattern finished it off beautifully. Now I just need to wrap up little piecing for the back of my retreat quilt and it will be ready for quilting. The wind proved too strong to get a photo of the finished top, even laying on the grass.

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