Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunny swoon

Yesterday I took a free motion quilting class, my first real attempt. You really have to throw out the window everything you know about sewing (I can go in any direction?!) and just try to be loose and have fun. Maybe I'll share photos of my fledgling attempts. I did get pretty good at pebbles and swirls, but the rest is a bit dodgy.

While at my favourite neighbourhood fabric shop, I picked up the Swoon pattern. I have lovely muted red, purple and grey fabric I picked up a couple years ago in Italy and this block will be perfect.

But I'm not quite ready to dive into yet another big quilting project (I've already got too many things on the go), so I thought I'd start with one Swoon block to make a wall hanging. I'm thinking it would be nice to decorate my front porch this summer. I pulled this orange bicycle fabric from my stash, orange polka dots and a light purple for the background instead of white. All the half square triangles and flying geese looked so lovely in the low afternoon sun.

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