Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feeling the blues

Blue has been popping up a lot in my sewing lately. April's queen bee asked for her block to be in beachy blues. My trouble was narrowing it down from the many fabrics I had. While I was arranging the fabric for paper piecing, I did think carefully about placement of the top left fabric, so I'm not sure what happened. Let's just pretend it was intentional. And just relax looking at these wonderful beachy colours.

And two swap partners also listed blue and green as their favourite colours. Luckily I'm covered on the greens too. Here's the mini I pieced on my quilting retreat. I love, love, LOVE this!!! It's a traditional quilt pattern - Storm at Sea - but I gave it a modern twist with the fabric and interpretation of the design. This is for the Alison Glass swap and she said Grove was her favourite line - luckily I had plenty because I love it too, especially the blues and greens.

I think I'll quilt it to highlight the waves. Then I just need to figure out something for the top left circly shape. I may have to bite the bullet and bury threads. Or ooh, sudden brainwave! Do that in a spiral and then just quilt off the edge. Brilliant!

I've got all the fabric cut out for my other blue and green loving partner in the Cotton + Steel swap. I'm making the mini version of the awesome Rebel Quilt, by a Toronto designer. I can't wait to get started on that too!


  1. The Storm at Sea is beautiful. I am excited to see the quilting.

  2. That took my breath away, what a gorgeous quilt!

    1. Thanks Alyce. I'm really proud of this one.