Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ahead of schedule

It's tough to believe, but now I've got three swap mini tops made more than a month before the shipping date! But I'm not gonna get too cocky because more than likely I will be in a mad panic to get the binding stitched down in time. I'm gonna assume my partners won't see my blog since they don't know I'm making for them, but to be safe I'll keep the details to a minimum for now.

The first is for my Anna Maria Horner swap. I picked all fabrics from my partner's two favourite collections, which was actually quite helpful to narrow down my choices since I have a surprisingly hefty AMH stash.

This one is for my Cotton + Steel swap. And holy moses do I love it! It's a mini version of the fabulous Rebel Quilt by a Toronto designer. Read more about her cool design process here.

Most versions are in solids, so this is pretty wild and crazy in comparison. But I think it looks wonderful in all its craziness. This swap partner didn't pick any favourite C+S fabrics, just saying she likes blue and green, so that helped hone the fabric selection as well. Also good because I have a whole whack of C+S.

Oh, and just yesterday I signed up for another swap! This time for Thimble Blossoms patterns. The house mini is actually a Thimble Blossoms pattern, but I changed it a bit. I added the middle block and moved the houses a bit to make it look like a cul-de-sac. And added the border to bump it up to swap requirement size. I think it turned out nicely with my additions.

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  1. I love the rebel mini-- it makes me want to make one and not make one at the same time. I will eventually go for it.