Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rainbow kitty

Call me the cat who ate the canary, but oh boy am I proud of this mini! I started with a popular pattern for cat faces that I knew lots of people would be using in this kitty-themed swap, then I made it my own! I even got the quilty math right on the first try!

My partner, who just happens to be the head of the modern quilt guild in Saskatoon (no pressure there!), said she likes "modern design with a hint of cat." I think this fits the bill perfectly!

I've really gotten into rainbows since joining the #rainbowminiswap, so that's where I went. Inspired by the three colours of my favourite tiger kitty fabric from Cotton + Steel. While making the faces, I noticed I didn't have the kitties in pink. I was confused. I like pink. Did they not make it in pink? Long story short and frantic online search later, I now have pink kitties!

Once I had the four faces, I decided on a star for the middle and then a neat arrangement of HST in different sizes for the corners. Each corner used both colours from the adjoining cat block, like green and blue in this one below. I even had some fabric in my stash that incorporated both colours for the big triangles.

Then I did straight-line quilting in four colours - teal, hot pink, orange and green - to match the colours of the sections. I love how that turned out.

Then on the back a label with adorable kitten faces. In the package I also included a linen tea towel I hemmed, featuring the C+S kitties, cat toy and treats, and a drawstring pouch for my partner's daughter with sparkle crayons, stickers and a My Little Pony toy. The package just arrived yesterday and my partner seemed very happy with it.


  1. It's beautiful Johanna. I"m not into cats, but I love the colours you've used in this mini and can appreciate the clever design. I'm sure your partner is thrilled to now own this beautiful quilt.

    1. Thanks Wendy! I really enjoyed coming up with my own design and was pleased it turned out well.