Monday, August 31, 2015


Here's my latest swap finished, dropped in the mail this morning. This is for the #textmeminiquiltswap. The only requirement was that we use text fabrics in our mini. My partner said she likes all colours, but not rainbow designs or pinks and purples so much (which is so much of my stash), and bold geometric prints. The gears started turning.

Since I don't have a lot of geometric prints, I decided to get that through the mini design. I went with a Canoe Ridge Creations pattern again, this time A New Direction. Then I picked one fabric (the triangles on grey) and began grabbing others from all different designers that co-ordinated. I'm pretty happy with what I pulled together - bright and bold with a lot of variety.

It took a bit of planning to do this pattern with different background fabrics (each text print goes diagonally across the mini) to make complete chevrons and get the text going the right way on the HST. It was a relief when I had it all laid out and there were no mistakes! My partner also likes C+S fabric, so I used one of their geometric prints for the binding. I just realized I forgot to take a photo of the backing, but it's a yellow text print that looks like typewriter letters.

I really like the added dimension the text prints give the mini, and how it softens and ties together the bright colours. I kept it pretty simple with the quilting, just straight and diagonal lines echoing the design.

Oh, and all the team names had texting abbreviations in them. I'm on #textmeteamikr. I felt a bit old that I had to look up what that meant, along with some of the other team names. Sigh.

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