Monday, August 17, 2015

Mailing mini art

My latest swap is so simple and fun! I was a bit leery when I signed up for a fabric postcard swap because I wasn't even sure what that was. Turns out it's just a mini quilt that you stick a stamp on and put in the mail! This tutorial explained how they're constructed and I bought the supplies on etsy to make it easy. We're all making three and mailing them to people around the world. My first one arrived this past week from Ireland not too worse for wear from the long journey. I made four this weekend and would have kept going but I ran out of supplies.

They're so much fun to make! I tried personalize each one to suit the likes of my partners. (One liked Cotton + Steel, another mentioned squirrels, one likes pink and another pink and purple.) The quilt as you go one was my first postcard, and also my first time trying quilt as you go. Now I wanna do more! I made an extra one for someone I know would like one too. I think I'll hold off a bit on sending. The deadline is the end of September and I think it would be nice to stagger the mailing so people don't get them all at the start.

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