Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Here comes the sun

A while back I was chatting with an Instagram friend and we decided to do a private mini quilt swap. The good thing about that is you really have a good idea about who you're making for and what they'll like. The downside is that without the strict deadlines of an organized swap is that we took a bit longer to finally get them sent.

But I sure needed the time! I decided to make a hand-pieced mini after seeing variations on this pattern and Spring Carnival by Katy Jones popping up on Instagram. I figured it was the perfect project to take with me on my epic journey to Australia and New Zealand. The flights alone would give me plenty of stitching time, not to mention the month away.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! I love everything about it from the rainbow to the low-volume background to the quilting. I don't normally name my quilts, but this one screamed "Here Comes the Sun."

I love this detail and the lovely messages in the text print:

As an extra, I made a pillow inspired by one of her posts. Pressed for time, I enlisted my mom and her fancy embroidery machine to add the letters. It turned out great.

I found the perfect backing fabric in my stash, a long-hoarded Japanese print.

Then I used the pillow for wrapping, finished with a bow.

My friend Sarah really liked her mini and pillow. She posted a lovely slideshow, complete with the Beatles song, on IG. Now I am anxiously awaiting my package to arrive!


  1. What a wonderful swap gift in its own pillow wrapping! Love the rings and the lettering, so many details to keep you looking. Congrats on a fine swap!

  2. love the mini! Inspire me to give hexies a try once again.

  3. This is gorgeous! What stitch length do you quilt with?

    1. I set my Elna to 3.5. It prefers a long stitch for quilting. Otherwise it gives me trouble.